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Boudoir isn't about feeling hot for the day. It's about feeling beautiful and worthy for an eternity.
- Julie Goetzinger
Glamour Shoots with Julie: Remember Your Worth

Beautiful photographer inside and out. She has direction and beautiful insight to make you feel beautiful, desirable and free within your own body.”

– Ms. A

This photo shoot with Julie was just what I needed! From the moment that I walked into her house, I felt like this was going to be a positive experience and it was. After leaving the photo shoot – I felt alive, confident and beautiful. I would recommend Julie to my daughter – or even my own mother and definitely recommend that you don’t wait – don’t put it off. Step out of your comfort zone and just get it done!”

– Ms. C.

Absolutely amazing to work with…Felt so comfortable and beautiful with her and the pictures came out gorgeous!”

– Ms. K.

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Glamour Shoots: Julie Goetzinger
Self Portrait by Mel Kay Photography

Hi there.  

I’m Julie and I offer boudoir and professional headshot photos for women. My mission is to help them celebrate their divine femininity and to fully step into their power as the confident, beautiful and sexy women that they are.

I work with brides who want to give their fiance something special on the night of their honeymoon, newly single women who want to regain their confidence as they get back into the world of dating and moms who have been married for awhile and want to do something to reignite that spark in their marriages after all the years of caring for everyone else. Some have just turned 40 or are well past it and finally feel comfortable in their own skin and want to celebrate with a shoot. The truth is that boudoir is for EVERY woman. You don’t need to be skinnier, younger or even to have a reason to do it other than you want to feel good about yourself.

Along with being a portrait photographer, I am also an Intuitive Business Coach for entrepreneurs. I help women to more fully embody their divine feminine energy in their businesses by being more open to receiving divine guidance and assistance. During my coaching calls I use my mediumship skills to communicate with their Spirit Guides for guidance as to the next best steps to take in their business. This can also help to identify any money blocks they have to welcoming in greater abundance too.

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I KNOW that I am a divine goddess and am ready to celebrate with a boudoir photo shoot!

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