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I inspire and empower women to embrace their inherent beauty and teach them how to attract more joy and passion into their lives.
- Julie Goetzinger
Glamour Shoots with Julie: Start with SEXY

Julie was so great!! From the second I met her I felt comfortable and excited! My make by Victoria looked amazing and my pictures turned out beautifully!!”

– Ms. N.

It’s easy to tell how passionate Julie is about her work and helping women feel more beautiful, confident, and sexy. She made me feel so comfortable from the moment we first talked. I’m not usually one to feel great even wearing a bathing suit around others, but prancing around in lingerie didn’t scare me at all during my session. Julie is kind, creative, and open to any ideas you may have. You’ll never meet another lady like her, so please go pamper yourselves!”

– Ms. V

I’ve now done two boudoir photo shoots with Julie and her work is amazing! Julie puts you at ease even before you arrive for your session and truly makes it a top notch experience from start to final images. I have now had the pleasure of experiencing her indoor studio work and she does exceptional outdoor photos with natural light! Highly recommend Glamour Shoots with Julie for an unforgettable experience and photos that you will be proud to share!”

– Ms. L

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Glamour Shoots: Julie Goetzinger
Self Portrait by Mel Kay Photography

Hi there.  

I’m Julie and I specialize in women’s portrait photography because I want them to own their power as the beautiful, divine women that they are. 

When you fall more in love with yourself and fully embrace your sensual side, your relationships will improve, you’ll make more money, you’ll feel more whole and your life will be a whole lot more fun too!

Once you step into your goddess energy, your whole world will change…

Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in front of a full length mirror completely nude. How does this make you feel?

Most women would say terrified. When they look in the mirror they see skin folds, stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, etc. What they don’t see is love.

But the truth is that we are all made of love and it’s who we are. It hurts badly when we deny ourselves of this love because it takes us farther away from who we are to our core and our inherent, divine worth as a human being.

Believe me when I say that I can relate to how you feel. I have been on my own journey to self love that you can read more about here.

If you’re ready to get started on your own journey to self-love, click on the option that best suits you.

I KNOW that I am made of love and am ready to celebrate with a boudoir session now!

I want to learn more about personal coaching sessions!

I want to learn how to apply my makeup from a professional
and having a petit glamour photo session.

I can’t wait to help you along your own journey to complete self-love. Let’s start with sexy…

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