Why Boudoir and Portrait Sessions Matter!

As a professional portrait photographer, I know sometimes people don’t understand the idea of paying for photos. I know there are so many other expenses clamoring for your attention; bills, mortgages, car payments, and not to mention the things your children need, if you’re a parent. Photos may be the last thing on your mind. I want to share some things today, about why I believe they should be much higher on your priority list!

-Portraits preserve a legacy: I work with lots of busy moms. Moms who have put themselves last for years and years, and who have sacrificed many things for their beloved children. Oh, how I understand! Moms are heroes, and they deserve to be put in the spotlight. Yes, it’s hard work to plan and schedule a session when you have children, but your glamorous photos are part of the legacy you leave for your children (of course, boudoir photos are more for personal use, but we always have a few that are appropriate for public viewing and display as well!) and your spouse.  If you are a single woman, they can be a major confidence boost as well, and something you can do that’s just for YOU!

-Portraits give you a relaxing, pampered experience: I call my shoots “guilt free”, because that’s what they should be. No matter what walk of life you hail from, photos should be relaxing and fun, not stressful. You should not feel bad if you step away from the responsibilities of daily life to do something that you will love and treasure for years to come. Every woman needs a day off!

-Photos can restore your confidence: Maybe you aren’t at your ideal weight, or maybe you are self-conscious about your skin or your “flaws”. I really hope you schedule a shoot in spite of these challenges, because I’ve seen what a great thing they can be for women who struggle to see their beauty in the mirror every day. I love seeing women walk away with their photos, finally seeing the amazing strength and beauty that is hard to see when you are working, taking care of children, or tending to everyone’s needs but your own. Beautiful, professional photos can enhance your self-esteem and that extends into your whole life. Confident women excel in parenting, business, and friendships.

-Photos can be a celebration: Sometimes, there are big events in life for women (and men), such as a promotion or life change. It is perfect to schedule a photoshoot to mark such a milestone. Generally, when people graduate high school, they don’t have professional portraits again until your wedding day, then they may not have them done except for family photos. I believe that should change, because there are so many more occasions to celebrate. Best of all, we can also schedule a photoshoot to celebrate EVERYDAY life! There is never a “wrong time” to take professional photos.

To get started, fill out this short questionnaire HERE, or call Julie at 443.900.5170 Email: julie@glamshootswithjulie.com. Thanks, and we can’t wait to help you plan your own dream photoshoot!