Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Body

“Weight is simply protection.” These words from my personal intuitive, Patty Kemp, resonated with such power within me that I knew them to be so true and divinely guided. We were talking about how I wanted to lose weight and once I realized the connection with wanting to hide, why I wanted to hide and that I was no longer in danger of being seen, the weight fell off…

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Here’s my story and how I realized that by changing my thoughts, I could change my body too:

After I had my children I felt like my body was no longer my own. I didn’t feel comfortable in shirts that weren’t loose for fear that my stretched-out stomach from having kids would show and I just didn’t like the way it looked. For years I covered myself up even after I started to lose the weight. My vision of myself was so poor that I wouldn’t even have sex without the lights off and hoped my husband wouldn’t see me until I was safely hidden under the covers.

Fast forward to today and I LOVE my body again. I started by looking at myself in the mirror and thinking, “Wow, I AM pretty. I have beautiful eyes. I have a nice butt…” Basically pointing out ANYTHING I could admire in my appearance and the more I did this, the more the way I THOUGHT about my body started to change too. When I changed my thoughts about my body, my physical body started to change too.

Glamour Shoots with Julie

Instead of killing myself with running, I began to walk and do yoga instead. As I did these gentle exercises I envisioned the pounds melting off of me. I thought of myself as sexy and desirable while I was walking and thought about my walk and posture while I was doing so too.

I started to notice that more men AND women were noticing my body due to my new-found confidence and I continued to lose the weight that I had been holding onto for so many years unnecessarily. I repeated the affirmation to myself, “It’s safe to be seen,” until I really believed this and felt proud and in love with my body and myself again.

This was my experience with loving my body and honoring it but it may not be yours. I am definitely NOT saying that you need to lose weight to feel better about yourself, but for me I did. In all honesty you can be ANY weight and LOVE and cherish the body you’re in and others will too.

It’s time to shed those layers and EMBRACE that it’s safe to be seen and to let your inner and outer beauty shine through, my love. Once you do, you’ll never go back…

Glamour Shoots with Julie

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