My Journey to Self-Love

Glamour Shoot with Julie - Guilt-free Photography in Maryland

This is a loaded topic for me and one that has been longing to come out for some time now. We all have someone from our past who has made us feel like we’re less than for some reason or another but the pain comes from believing these lies and denying ourselves of our own inherent self-worth that is our birth right as human beings who were created out of love by the divine.

The amount of love that we feel for ourselves is directly related to how much we let ourselves enjoy our lives during our lifetimes. The more we love ourselves, the more others will too, and the more money we are able to have in our physical experience too.

On my own journey to self love, I decided to book my own boudoir shoot. I wanted to see what it felt like to be in my client’s shoes and to be one of those people who invests in themselves and has that moment of, “Wow..that’s me?” You can follow along with how I felt before, during and after my shoot in my private, ladies-only Facebook group here.

Throughout our lives, women feel shame around their bodies for all different reasons. Maybe it was a coach who told you you needed to lose weight, you had a mom who was always on a diet herself so you felt like being thin was the only way to be loved, or maybe you experienced some kind of trauma that made you want to hide your body. That was my story. Being touched inappropriately as a child changed my view of the world. I saw it as a scary place and always wanted to keep one eye open for fear that someone could hurt me at any moment. I stayed quiet and preferred to hide than to be seen.

Glamour Shoots with Julie

When I left for college, I remember feeling free and loving my body again. I exercised it frequently, ate well and dressed it up. I loved the attention I received because of it and stayed feeling this way until I became a mom myself.

I gained 50 lbs when I was pregnant with my daughter and let myself indulge because I longed to feel better and I also had tried for 2 years to become pregnant after suffering two miscarriages.

I became pregnant with my son very quickly after having my daughter and the weight continued to come on. I found it harder and harder to lose the weight and it wasn’t until I started my daily practices to love myself more that it started to fall off. You can read more about how I did that here

Today I spend time looking at myself naked in the mirror and sending love to all of those parts that were shamed, abused and ignored throughout my journey. I am two weeks out from my own boudoir shoot and I can imagine that I will have a whole new perspective to share after I do…

So no matter where you are on your own journey to self-love, I’m here for you. To learn more how I can help you along by having your own boudoir shoot or by doing empowerment coaching, check out my page here.

Thanks so much for allowing me to share my story with you and I’m here when you’re ready to share yours.