Collections & Print Products

How many of you love taking pics of your families at special events or on trips and then the pictures live on your phones or cameras for an eternity never to be printed out?  I know you do, because even as a professional photographer I am guilty of this too…unless I set aside time every couple of months to print out the MANY photos I’ve taken of my family it never seems to happen let alone to actually put them in an album!

When you hire a professional photographer, I believe that one of the best perks is that they can handle this part for you. You get to leave with actual print products and immediately enjoy your images without having them sitting on a computer somewhere and never get to be seen again.  Especially with boudoir photography, if you don’t get to see your images regularly you may forget how amazing and hot you actually are!  Let me break down some of your print options that I offer…

Couture Luxury Albums

I offer a variety of albums from the Ice Cover Album, the Luxury Album to the Little Black Book.  All of the albums I offer are archival quality meaning that they will stand the test of time and you don’t have to worry about images fading over time or being damaged while handling them.  The Ice Cover album is my highest end album and is the album I chose for my own shoot because I loved the crispness of the printed images and the texture of the cover which looks vintage to me.  This album comes with 20-30 of your favorite images from your session and is sized 8×10. 

The Ice Cover Album

My luxury album, which is currently my most popular album, is printed on satin paper with gloss coating and is sized 8×8.  It comes with 20-30 of your favorite images from your session.  This album is included in my first and second collection. 

The Luxury album

The Little Black Book is perfect for your spouse to tuck away in his nightstand or to give as a gift.  This album is sized 5×5 and comes with 10 of your favorite images from your session.  This album is included in my first and third collections.

The Little Black Book

Wall Art

Your wall art options include gallery canvas wraps and metal prints.

Gallery canvas wraps are printed on archival quality canvas with a UV coating for added protection against sun damage so you can hang it near a window without fear of fading. It comes ready to hang with a finished black mat board, wall bumpers and a saw tooth hanger.  Gallery canvas wraps are available in sizes 12×18, 16×24 and 20×30 with 16×24 being the most popular size ordered. A 16×24 canvas wrap is included in my first collection.

Gallery Canvas Wrap

Metal prints are a favorite of mine for their sheer finish and sexy look which I think is perfect to portray your favorite image from your session.  Metal prints are a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets.  They come ready to hang with a float mount hanger on the back.  Metal prints are available in sizes 12×18, 16×24 and 20×30 with 12×18 being the most popular size ordered.  A 12×18 metal print is included in my second collection. 

Metal Print

Heirloom Glass Boxes

Your custom image glass box will contain your 20 favorite images from your session.  Each will be selected by you the day of your Session Premiere.  Your custom image glass box will be designed with and for you including a satin glass ribbon inside.  There will be 20 prints sized 4×6 neatly inside your heirloom box.  This box is included in the first and second collections.

Heirloom Glass Box

Digital Images

In the world of photography, the negatives are the originals.  And so to the portrait artist who creates them, digital negatives hold an incredibly high value.  I have chosen to give you the opportunity to invest in them by including them in my first and second collections and also giving you the opportunity to purchase all, 15 or 30 digital portraits in the a la carte menu.  These digitals are high resolution copies which may be printed or shared online with my permission with the print release which is included with your purchase.  They come on a crystal flash drive in a beautiful archival box pictured here.

Flash Drive with Archival Box

For more information for what is included in each of the collections and a full price list, please set up your free consultation here. You are always welcome to call the studio at 443-900-5170 or email me at with questions too.