Client Love: Ms. C

This photo shoot with Julie was just what I needed! From the moment that I walked into her house, I felt like this was going to be a positive experience and it was. After leaving the photo shoot – I felt alive, confident and beautiful. I would recommend Julie to my daughter – or even my own mother and definitely recommend that you don’t wait – don’t put it off. Step out of your comfort zone and just get it done!”

– Ms. C.

Why I HATE the Question, “What do you do?”

I used to think that we were defined by what we did.  That my job had to reflect who I was and that making a difference in the world was crucial to being respected.  And with good reason too because isn’t it often that the first thing people say when they meet us is,  “Hi, Julie.  What do you do?”

It was the reason why my first job out of college was for the Discovery Channel.  I took the job because I wanted it for myself, but I stayed in the job for far too long because I liked people’s reactions when I told them I worked there…how sad is that?!  I felt like my soul was unhappy, I wasn’t getting out and interacting with people the way that I wanted to and I felt like my dream of making an impact on the world was too far out of reach so I quit.

I went back to school to get my Master’s Degree in teaching.  I thought that for sure people would respect me and think that I was a good person because I was an elementary school teacher… I truly enjoyed working with the kids and teaching them how to be good people and to stay true to themselves no matter what, a lesson that I was still struggling to learn myself.  I got to the point as a teacher though where my creativity was being stifled and I began feeling more and more powerless.  I decided to go on child rearing leave to stay home with my kids and in that time I found myself.

A month later I started my photography business.  I once again was feeling alive, creative, inspired and filled with passion.  I faced great critique with this choice as well though.  It seemed that EVERYONE was asking me when I was going to return to teaching, when I was going “back to work” and would even flat out ask me if I was able to make any money with photography.  I couldn’t believe the nerve of people to ask me such personal questions and to dismiss my business as simply a temporary hobby and wonder when I was going to start working again…I so desperately wanted to tell them my average sales to shut them up because the truth was that I WAS able to make a great living as a photographer and still am.  But I learned that my energy was better saved than to try to justify my choices to them. 

My question is, “Why does our culture define who we are based on what we do?”  If we are all divine beings of God, why does it matter what we choose as our profession?  As long as we are passionate about it, are contributing to society with our God-given talents, why is it anyone else’s business in the first place??

After being asked AGAIN yesterday by a family friend when I’m going back to teaching and being triggered by this question yet again, I decided to get to the bottom of this trigger once and for all.  The danger in defining who we are by our work is that one day we will retire and it will go away or like my dear friend we could get in a horrible accident and have it physically impossible to return to.  Who we are is NOT defined by what we do.  We are love.  We are divine and we are enough just as we are.  So before you ask a Stay at Home Mom or small business owner when they’re going back to work?  Please bite your tongue. 😉

Client Love: Ms. V

It’s easy to tell how passionate Julie is about her work and helping women feel more beautiful, confident, and sexy. She made me feel so comfortable from the moment we first talked. I’m not usually one to feel great even wearing a bathing suit around others, but prancing around in lingerie didn’t scare me at all during my session. Julie is kind, creative, and open to any ideas you may have. You’ll never meet another lady like her, so please go pamper yourselves!”

– Ms. V

Client Love: Ms. L

I’ve now done two boudoir photo shoots with Julie and her work is amazing! Julie puts you at ease even before you arrive for your session and truly makes it a top notch experience from start to final images. I have now had the pleasure of experiencing her indoor studio work and she does exceptional outdoor photos with natural light! Highly recommend Glamour Shoots with Julie for an unforgettable experience and photos that you will be proud to share!”

– Ms. L

Client Love: Ms. K

The day I arrived for my photoshoot, I was immediately greeted by Julie at the door and I felt like I had known her forever and she made me feel like a princess.  When it came time for the shoot, my nervousness was completely gone within the first two minutes. She was very helpful and kind and made me feel very confident. I am truly grateful for this experience. I have never felt so empowered or confident!

– Ms. K

Client Love: Mrs. T

I had a wonderful experience working with Julie! My morning started off with makeup by Victoria O, who does amazing work! Julie made me feel completely comfortable as we started the shoot, guided me into each pose, and made it fun throughout. A boudoir shoot is absolutely a confidence booster for all the ladies out there! The shots turned out beautifully!”

– Ms. T.

Client Love: Ms. A

If you haven’t done a boudoir shoot with Julie yet, do it!  Before I did mine I was nervous, but excited. Julie made it so comfortable and so much fun that I would definitely do it again.  Don’t let your nervousness get in the way of doing this for yourself!”

– Ms. A