Maryland Boudoir Photographer for Wow Moms #Guilt-free Glamour

Maryland Boudoir Photographer for Wow Moms

You are worthy. You are enough. You are perfect just as you are.

We’ve all heard these phrases a million times, but what will it take for you to actually start believing them? When is the last time you took a trip by yourself, or spent an entire weekend doing only what YOU wanted to do? If you’re like most women, you can’t remember that far back especially if you are a mom like me… Hi there! I’m Julie and I’m a boudoir photographer from Howard County, Maryland. My mission is to help working moms, stay at home moms, single moms, married moms or pet moms to experience glamour guilt-free. I started Glamour Shoots with Julie from my home studio in Howard County, Maryland and am so grateful to do what I love most every day with my photography and to change women’s lives at the same time…

I believe that we teach the lessons we’re most needing to learn ourselves. Feeling deserving of taking care of myself first is something I’ve struggled with too- it goes against everything I was taught as a kid and it has taken me quite a bit of time to unlearn those lessons as it left me feeling empty, lost, misunderstood and in need of a serious life shift. As a mom, it’s easy to put everyone else’s needs first, but I know that if I don’t properly care for myself, my family will suffer too.

Maryland Boudoir Photographer for Wow Moms

Accepting that I am deserving

Now that I am living my life differently and accepting that I am deserving of the life I have created, I no longer feel guilty for spending the day getting pampered and having my hair done by Ashley at Artistic Edge in Marriottsville, getting regular facials from Jay at Vedic Spa in Ellicott City, flying solo to the gorgeous Red Rocks in Colorado to photograph beautiful models, and even looking in the mirror and thinking, “Hey, you look really good today.” It didn’t happen overnight, but when I decided to live my life in this way, it made me much happier and as a result everyone around me was happier too.

A big reason why I decided to give so much of my energy and attention to glamour and boudoir photography and start Glamour Shoots with Julie is because I feel like it’s something so desperately needed by women and moms especially, to feel like they are worthy of being the center of attention and having a whole day focused on making them look and feel their best. Most women don’t think their body looks good as it appears today, that they are worthy of having a photoshoot just for them, that they deserve a canvas of themselves to show off their beauty, but I’m here to tell you that you deserve it.

Maryland Boudoir Photographer for Wow Moms

This is what I believe…

I believe that an empowering photo session can reveal the truth about a woman who’s been brought down by the lies that she’s come to believe about herself. Little whispers telling her that’s she’s not beautiful, not worthy, and not brave, and that she shouldn’t be confident in herself. I believe in being that positive, resounding voice overpowering those whispers, helping women to love and value themselves as they are. I believe it’s important to reinforce the fact that beauty is how you see yourself, not how other people see you. From the moment you arrive at my studio to get your makeup done by MakeupbyVictoria until you walk out the door after completing your shoot, you will feel like a new woman and your family will wonder what happened to mom as she comes home with a new spring in her step and the glamourous long lashes applied at her shoot.

If you are ready to own your beauty and sense of worth, you can get started today by filling out your own dream shoot planner. If you aren’t quite ready to book a shoot, but would love to hang out with other inspiring women, you are welcome to join our women’s only Facebook group here. You don’t have to be local to Howard County to participate in our group. There are women from all across the country in our group and I hope that you will find it a safe place where you can share openly and be inspired by other women and their bravery to own their beauty and decision to celebrate glamour guilt-free. Now let’s get out there and live the life we were meant to live!

Maryland Boudoir Photographer for Wow Moms