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I’m Julie and I’m a Photography Business Owner, a Law of Attraction Coach and a Spiritual Medium. My mission is to teach others how to connect with their higher selves to unlock ALL of their heart’s desires..

So how do you access this higher part of yourself? There are many ways to do this… Through meditation, prayer, sitting outside in nature, doing yoga, acupuncture, etc. The list goes on and on but all of these tools will only work temporarily unless you commit to doing the real work to more fully step into the highest version of yourself. I believe that the key to this opening is through doing the inner work to really get to know yourself and that includes your lightness and your darkness. We are all a duality of light and dark, yin and yang and we can’t avoid facing our shadows if we have any desire to ascend further than where we are right now. 

This is what I do with my clients during our coaching calls. We seek guidance from their higher selves through a line of questioning, taking deep breaths to more fully tap in and being honest about what we hear in response. Putting words to what comes up is powerful and sharing this with another loving being in a safe space is what gets the healing really under way. Allowing yourself to be seen and heard for all of your glory and flaws too is so liberating and something that I’ve experienced myself through work with my own coach. Is this work easy? Not at all, but it’s what’s necessary to ascend to the next level spiritually and to allow in all the love, money and success we have been striving for all this time but which up until now felt completely out of reach. 

If you’re ready to step into the highest version of yourself, you can set up a free discovery call with me below.

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Julie Goetzinger: Photography Coach

It’s time to stop trying so hard and to allow what’s yours to come to you…

Julie Goetzinger


Check out what my coaching clients say it’s like to work with me!

I’m so glad I made the decision to connect with Julie because she turned out the be the warm and easy person that I saw on her website. I made an immediate connection to her on our face to face meeting and she made me feel really heard and understood. She was generous with her insight and responded with sincere care. I felt like I could be completley honest with her and there would be no judgement. I feel particularly grateful for her follow-up after our call because the quality of information that she gave to me was so personal and relevant that I knew I would definitely work with her again. Thank you Julie for bringing your warmth, genuine care and affection to our world.

— Ferenaz Lalji, Photographer

Working with Julie was amazing. I don’t have an official business yet, however, after talking with Julie I was ready to jump in full time! She gave me amazing strategies on establishing a brand that screams me, and helped things click in a way that doing research on the internet could not. She listened to my concerns and was extremely real and open about everything in her business. Hands down one of the best things I have done for me and my business was talking to Julie!

— Chelsea Hansen, Photographer

Julie has such a sweet presence and made me feel very valued in our conversation. She was encouraging and helped me to be more confident in what I was doing well, and gave very clear, actionable suggestions for ways I could improve. I definitely had a lightbulb moment from our conversation about something I had been marketing that she pointed out might not actually be the right fit for my ideal client. I’m so thankful for her insight!

— Valerie Duvick, Success Coach

Julie is so fun to chat with! Taking a mentoring session from her is like having a talk with a good friend who happens to be an expert in photography and branding/marketing. By the end of our hour together, I got many good ideas on how to stay productive during the winter season and market myself for the upcoming spring. Julie also nicely sent a follow up email with actionable items. Thanks so much Julie!

— Nhi Thais, Photographer

Julie was absolutely amazing! First of all, I had two toddlers jumping all over, and she was fantastic being patient with me and my children. The information she shared opened my mind to how I should/could be doing business to be more successful! She was also following me on facebook and Instagram and was able to check my work before our meeting, so it was great to hear her feedback too. I would absolutely rate her work 5 stars. She clearly took the time to get to know me, my personality and was so nice to let me know what and how I could do things differently. I do recommend her mentoring to all photographers!

— Thais Glenn, Photographer